What I’m working on . . .

For the past few months, I have been busy writing my next series before I dive back into the Thornton World to concentrate on Jake’s story (can’t wait!). Things have changed greatly from the original concept which was supposed to be a single, standalone book. Now, I have a three book series which has been both a challenge and a pleasure to write.

So, here are a few things I can tell you about the series . . .

  • It is a Captive Romance story.
  • The series is currently called REQUESTED. (I’m saying ‘currently’ because I keep tossing up between two series names, but this is the one I’m sticking with at the moment.)
  • The story is told from three different points of view.
  • There are characters to both love and hate. Sometimes the ones you love will also be the ones you hate.
  • Music plays a role within the story, but mostly in the final book.
  • The books will be released in quick succession.
  • The album I have had on repeat while writing this series (in particular the third book) is Dark Piano for Dark Thoughts by Lucas King. (www.youtube.com/user/LucasKingPiano)
  • The first book is called DON’T SAY A WORD.
  • The series is a slow build with the final book being the most intense and dark and satisfying.
  • Each book is around 50,000 words.
  • Someone dies.
  • There are cliffhangers.
  • The quote at the start of book one is: “I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.” – Tom Waits
  • The main character is called Mia.
  • I am in love with the cover of the first book (as seen below.) And the second. But especially the third.

Book 1 small





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