Don’t Say A Word is LIVE!

‘Don’t Say A Word’ is now live on Amazon!

It’s been intense writing it.

REALLY intense.

I put myself into the mind of a woman who had been taken captive. The fear she felt. The panic and the terror. I wanted to capture it all because I think if you’re going to write about something as dark and disturbing as being held captive, you can’t gloss over the more unsettling parts.

The feedback I’ve received from the advanced readers of Part One has been amazing. I’m so pleased that the effort I put into the words on the page have shined through and the readers also got to feel every tear that fell and breath of panic Mia experienced. 

Some excerpts from the reviews left by the advanced readers of Don’t Say A Word

While I’m incredibly proud of this trilogy, I’m not sure I’ll write a series this dark again. Or, if I do it will be a while before I put my fingers to the keyboard in this form. It’s taken a lot out of me.

Next, I will be returning to my Thornton Brothers Series and telling the story of Jake. Dear sweet, moody, non-psychopathic Jake.

I’ve pushed myself hard to get this trilogy out as quickly as possible and all three books will be released two weeks apart. Part One and Part Two end on a bit of a cliffhanger so I didn’t want to leave any readers waiting too long.

Release Dates for the Requested Trilogy

So if you enjoy romantic reads that are on the dark side, I’d love to hear what you think of my trilogy. As I said above, it was intense writing it, but I’m awfully proud of it.

You can purchase the first book now for only 99c

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