Daughter of a Monster: Black Swan Trilogy – Part One

They don’t know.
They can’t know.
Nothing can connect me to him.
Nothing but blood.
Then came the hushed whispers and hidden smirks.
I’ve been this girl before.
I won’t be her again.
The daughter of a monster.

Jericho Priest appears as my savior, an escape to another world.
One where no one knows the darkness running through my veins.
But no matter where I hide, my past haunts me.
I thought I’d found sanctuary, a solace from my nightmare.
But it was only the beginning.

Set in the same world as the Requested Trilogy, this dark romance trilogy follows Berkley as she faces the struggles of being known as the daughter of a monster.

Daughter of a Monster: Black Swan Part One – October 22nd 2020
Searching for Hope: Black Swan Part Two – December 3rd 2020
Sins of my Father: Black Swan Part Three – December 17th 2020

* Reader discretion is advised as this story contains dark scenes.