Tempted – Thornton Brothers Book Two


Book 2

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– Lauren –
Despite a turbulent start to our relationship, we were making it work.
Even if my family couldn’t stand him.
Young, gorgeous and carefree, Gabe was everything I never knew I wanted.

Then I met his brother.

I knew it was wrong to feel the way I did. To think the things I thought.Dark, intense, and sexy as hell, Tyler wasn’t about to let the fact that I was dating his brother stop him from pursuing me.

I just needed to resist . . .

– Gabe –
We were happy. I guess that’s why I allowed myself to be sucked back in.
I never wanted to be part of my family again.
Returning home spilled secrets I wanted to keep.
I didn’t want her to know what I had done. That I was to blame.

But he told her the truth.

I saw the way he looked at her. It was the same way he looked at most of the things he wanted. Like he already owned her.

Maybe it was karma . . .

Will Lauren give in to temptation, or is she simply a pawn caught in a feud between the two brothers?

The Thornton Brothers Series follows Lauren Greer and her entanglement with two of the Thornton men, pitting brother against brother.

*These books feature mature content, sexual situations and adult language.
Recommended for readers 18+.