Torment – Thornton Brothers Book Five


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– Jake –

I wasn’t looking for anything serious.
Only for something to numb the pain. Stop the memories. Forget.
I thought she’d be easy.
After all, the last time we’d met, she literally climbed onto my lap.

But things didn’t turn out the way I planned.
I didn’t expect her to still the voices of my demons.
To calm the roar. Silence the hurricane.

She looked at me as though I were whole.
But I was too broken, too messed up to deserve her.
I wanted her to know me.
But not all of me.
Not the dark parts I kept hidden.
Not the real me.

– Amelia –

He was the last person I wanted to see.
Our first date had been a disaster.
So I tried to resist him. Tried not to fall for his charm.
But it was pointless, like trying to stop the tide.

And when my world fell apart, he was there.
A safe place to fall. Someone to cling to.
He helped put the pieces of my life back together.

But there were parts to him he kept hidden.
Things he wouldn’t talk about.
Nightmares he wouldn’t share.
And in falling for him, I had to ask myself,
how much was I willing to leave unknown?

Book one of two that follows Jake and Amelia’s story, Torment can be used as a new entry point into the Thornton Brothers Series. 

It features mature content, sexual situations and adult language, recommended for readers 18+.

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