Until You’re Mine (Requested Trilogy – Part Two)


Book 2 small

Taken. Broken. Captive.
There used to be a small amount of safety within the walls of my cell.
Not anymore.
Now my body is broken and bruised.
And he doesn’t come to comfort me.
I ache for him.
His face dominates my dreams.
His body dominates my desire.
Then he offers himself to me and I lose myself in him.
But I do not love him.
I cannot love him.
To do so would risk my chance at escape . . .

*This story contains dark scenes intended for a mature audience.
Reader discretion is advised. 
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This is the second book of a three part trilogy.
Don’t Say A Word – 15th November
Until You’re Mine – 29th November
My Sweet Songbird – 13th December