How do you pronounce Sabre?

Say-ber. As in Saber-toothed tiger. Emma says it best.


How many books are in the Thornton Brothers Series?

Four. At this stage. The first four books follow Lauren Greer and the conclusion to her story occurs with book four. Of course, their lives have kept going in my head so I’d love to tell Jake’s story one day.


Will the Thornton Brothers be released in paperback?

Sure will. Looking like all four books will be released in paperback form in May 2018.

Where is your Thornton Brothers series based?

Short answer: New Zealand because that’s where I live.

Long answer: I never mention places, towns or cities in the TB series. This started off as something I intended on correcting before they went to the editor, but ended up being left as I enjoyed the ambiguity and unless the location is specific to the plot, I never notice place names anyway. There are places in my head that I have used, I just never mention them.

Will you write Jake’s story?

As mentioned above, I’d love to tell Jake’s story and have it mostly sorted in my head. I hope to write it all down and get it published, I’m just unsure of when. I will be sure to let you know when I do though!


What are you currently working on?

There are many ideas floating about in my head and I want to write them all right now, (I’m a little impatient) but since that’s not possible, I am planning on writing a short story called You Ruined Me. More of a suspense novel than a romance, it will be darker than my Thornton Brothers series.
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