It’s getting close

I’ve been working on the Thornton Brothers for a while now, and finally, it is getting close to publication. I’m in the throws of the final edits and read-throughs and hopefully by November first, book one will be ready to go.
I started writing Touched as a challenge from a couple of my friends who wanted something raunchy. At the time, an acquaintance of ours had just started dating a man a decade younger than her and the idea fascinated me. Lauren and Gabe were born of that initial idea, but because I had so much fun writing their story, I decided I wanted to keep going and see where their relationship would lead.  
It turned out that their relationship led to the ultimate love triangle, pitting brother against brother as you will find out in book two.
The Thornton Brothers isn’t your typical love story. It follows Lauren and her intense entanglement with two of the Thornton men. The oldest and the youngest.
In book one, you’ll get to meet Gabe. Trust me, he’s gorgeous. Young, and a little immature at times, but gorgeous. And boy, does he know how to make a woman feel good.
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