Thornton Brothers Box Set: Books 1 – 4

Unpredictable. Steamy. Intense. A tangle of the heart.

Box Set Includes:
Touched – Thornton Brothers Book One
Tempted – Thornton Brothers Book Two
Taken – Thornton Brothers Book Three
Torn – Thornton Brothers Book Four
Tears – Thornton Brothers Novella


Instead of walking down the aisle, I was starting over.
New home. New job. New life.
Broken memories.
There was no other choice.

But I wasn’t expecting him.

Gabe was nothing more than a fantasy. Young. Irresponsible. Charming.
I wasn’t looking for anything, too busy licking my wounds.
Nothing could happen. Nothing should happen.

But it did . . .


Despite a rocky start to our relationship, we were making it work.
Even if my family couldn’t stand him.
Young, gorgeous and carefree, Gabe was everything I never knew I wanted.

Then I met his brother.

I knew it was wrong to feel the way I did. To think the things I thought.
But even though I was dating Gabe, Tyler was coming for me.

I just needed to resist . . .


I did the unthinkable.
I betrayed one brother for the other.
Even though I was wracked with guilt, even though I knew the pain of being left,
I couldn’t resist him.
Falling for him was easy, but I never wanted to.
The Thornton Family hated me and I needed to walk away.
Away from Gabe.
Away from Tyler.
But then he showed up at my door.
And nothing else mattered . . .


It was over. I was done.
Done with Tyler.
Done with Gabe.
Done with the entire Thornton Family.
It was never going to be easy.
I missed him. Ached for him.
But I needed to be strong.


Our story was not a love story.
It did not have a happy ending.
It was the story of two people who should have never been together.
And it was the story of why.

These books feature mature content, sexual situations and adult language, recommended for readers 18+.