Touched . . . one week on.

Tomorrow, Touched will have been out there in the world for a full week. I’m rather excited with how it has gone, considering it’s a debut release.
It went #1 in the Australian & Oceanian Literature category in the UK Kindle store and it reached #3 in the US Kindle store.

And look at this! One of those orange tags turned up when I searched for Touched in the UK store. Rather excited about that!


Best Seller Tag UK
Sorry about the blurry image. It’s a screenshot.


It’s a little strange having book one out there because I’m still in the process of editing and writing the rest of the books. My mind is having to flick back and forth through time as I go through the books, Lauren at different stages of her life, her story, and her relationships. The books also seem to get steamier as they go too . . . hmmmm.

At the moment, while promoting book one, I am going through the final proofs of book two, the editor just got book three back to me and I’m also writing the ending to book four. Needless to say, it’s an interesting position to be in.

My plan is to have book two released on the 1st of January, book three on the 1st of March and book 4 on the 1st of May. A mere two month between launches means I’m going to be busy, but I hate waiting a long time between books in a series, so I wanted to get them out as quickly as possible.

Touched is going to remain at the new release price of 99c for all of November, so if you want to pick up a copy, click on one of the buttons below.

It’s also FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

Book 1





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