Tempted Pre-Order Live

Book 2

Are you ready to meet the rest of the Thorntons?

Pre-Order for Book Two, Tempted, is now live.

– Lauren –
Despite a rocky start to our relationship, we were making it work.
Even if my family couldn’t stand him.
Young, gorgeous and carefree, Gabe was everything I never knew I wanted.

Then I met his brother.

I knew it was wrong to feel the way I did. To think the things I thought.

But even though I was dating Gabe, Tyler was coming for me.

I just needed to resist . . .

– Gabe –
We were happy. I guess that’s why I allowed myself to be sucked back in.
I never wanted to be part of my family again.
Returning home spilled secrets I wanted to keep.
I didn’t want her to know what I had done. That I was to blame.

But he told her the truth.

I saw the way he looked at her. It was the same way he looked at most of the things he wanted. Like he already owned her.

Maybe it was karma . . .Will Lauren give in to temptation, or is she simply a pawn caught in a feud between the two brothers?

The Thornton Brothers follows Lauren Greer and her entanglement with two of the Thornton men, pitting brother against brother.

It features mature content, sexual situations and adult language, recommended for readers 18+.

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