Torn Teaser 2

Book Four Square

I felt him fall into step behind me. Of course, I couldn’t see him, but I knew it was him. My body sensed him. I felt his presence as keenly as if he had gripped me from behind.
“Lauren,” he said. I would never grow sick of the way he said my name. It was a command and a question. A plea and an accusation.
I turned and met his gaze, doing my best to mask my attraction and bring my defiance to the fore. He invaded every defence I had, assaulting me merely by his proximity.
Dark eyes locked on mine and he smiled. “Lauren,” he said again, tipping an invisible hat.
The world faded as my attraction to Tyler flooded my senses and drowned my resistance. His voice reminded me of when he’d growl my name. One whiff of his scent and I was there, pressed against his naked body, my head resting on his chest, one leg splayed across him.
I was transfixed, trapped by his eyes.
“Tyler.” His name came out as a gasp.
“It’s good to see you. I hope you’re well?”
I struggled to regain my composure, feeling the heat creep up my cheeks as visions of us entwined in the bedsheets came unwantedly to my mind.
He seemed to know what he did to me, how my body responded to him despite my attempt to ignore it. He stepped closer, invading my space.
I scanned my surroundings as though looking for someone, mustering what indifference towards Tyler I could. “I expected you to have a date,” I replied, lifting my chin a little.
“I don’t play games, Lauren. You know that. I would have brought a date had I wanted the company of another woman. I don’t.”

– Torn (Thornton Brothers Book 4)

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