‘This title is not currently available for purchase’ pre-order for Don’t Say A Word

*Edit 14.11.2018 – It looks as though it has been fixed! YAY! Still waiting for the link to work for ‘Until You’re Mine’ but in the meanwhile I’m just happy that ‘Don’t Say A Word’ is now showing as available on the .com site!


I know the headline of this article is rather dramatic but it explains what is currently happening with the two books I have for pre-order in my Requested Trilogy.

People are reporting that ‘Don’t Say A Word’ is marked as ‘This title is not currently available for purchase’ in the US store. This is saddening for me with my release due in just a few days, but I am hopeful the issue will be resolved soon. Amazon allows me a wonderful platform to sell my books and I’m sure they are doing everything they can.

Sorry for any inconvenience if you have tried to pre-order ‘Don’t Say A Word’ and have been unable to. I will keep the new release price of 99c up for longer to ensure you have the chance to purchase it at the discounted price.

Thanks for your understanding.


P.S. If anyone does see it as available for purchase with the one-click option, would you pretty please let me know? I’d appreciate it.

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